Health Connected

Improving the health and wellness of employees

Improving the health and wellness of employees

Success starts with the health and well-being of your employees

Little-by-little every day, simple activity and other wellness practices in the workplace help employees stay productive, remain at work, and avoid disability.

How Health Connected Works

Integrated HRA

Assesses your employee’s health and identifies habits or choices that place them in risk categories, gathering these datapoints into an overview of your company’s well-being.


Help train and maintain healthy habits. Solo Challenges target individual health skills for improvement while Team Challenges involve points and badges to keep people invested and working together on trying new things.

Digital Health Coach

Reviews details from the Integrated HRA and connects employees with personalized action plans and other resources to address specific health risks.

Behavior and Motivation

Empowered with knowledge of their health risks, along with challenges and action plans targeting those risks, employees can better bridge gaps in their health skills and help others do the same.


Our Health Connected® platform is designed to meet the different needs and motivations of multigenerational workforces. Activities are measured in total time versus steps or distance for increased accessibility, along with a large selection of activities to meet the needs of your employee population.

Knowledge & Planning

The data-rich, actionable insights of employee lifestyle information can help identify at-risk employees and connect them to the care they need when they need it.

Vendor Integration

Connects your already existing EAP or other vendor services together in one seamless everyday heath and wellness portal.

Included with Health Connected

Health library

Search and explore reliable databases for disease, drugs, and natural health products, along with an archive of informative health articles and resources to connect you with support groups locally or online.

Personal health tracking

Log your progress manually or connect to supported apps and devices to track and sync daily activities related to sleep, fitness, and nutrition.

Personal health record

A secure and confidential place to organize your personal health and medical history, including appointments, lab results, and vaccination records.

Connect the dots

Let’s work together to combine your existing EAP and other vendor services into one convenient wellness solution.

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