Our HRA employs validated question banks, stratifies risk groups and provides tailored feedback to motivate behavior change and reduce health risks.

By licensing our validated Health Risk Assessment, you save time and resources. Our HRA stays updated and relevant so that you don’t have to custom build. It is user friendly, engaging and effective. It stratifies users into low, medium and high risk groups, identifies health risk factors and provides tailored follow-up with actions and next steps for achieving improved health goals on each user’s profile.

The Work Limitations Questionnaire enables our HRA to estimate absenteeism and presenteeism risks while predicting potential health-related cost. It allows our clients to evaluate the efficacy and return on investment of health promotion strategies.

Built on our extremely sophisticated platform for health and wellness, the HRA integrates seamlessly into your existing technology and can be customized with other MediResource health management products such as Digital Health Coach, providing a comprehensive health and wellness support program that improves health behaviors.

Our HRA helps patients stay on track to improving their health.


generate annual savings per beneficiary.


stayed on track or improved


stayed on track vs. competitive HRA