About MediResource

MediResource has been a leader in the online application of consumer health care information and digital tools since 1996. As a publisher, we produce a comprehensive library of health information and drug and disease databases which engage millions of consumers on a monthly basis.

Today we integrate that content into our industry-leading platform for health & wellness, allowing us to distribute sophisticated, user-friendly information and digital tools across all touch points, including online, mobile and point of care.

Ultimately we help our clients leverage our technology to efficiently reach or manage large consumer patient populations to achieve effective behavior change that improves outcomes.

Our Clients

We bring content, technology and behavior change together at one source.

Knowledge Base

Over a period of almost 20 years we have created an industry-leading, current knowledge base of health and wellness content that is searched by millions of people every month. We deliver credibility and user engagement to our clients who license it.


Our sophisticated platform for health & wellness easily integrates into e-health infrastructures for tailored patient health management. It gathers signals and distributes personalized content, tools and action plans across all health care touch points.

Behavior Change

Our content and technology are integrated with behavior change models that engage users in discovering current habits, beliefs and barriers that impact their success in achieving personal health goals. Together they provide deeper insight into health personalities and deliver action plans that improve user self-management.

An experienced full-service team

MediResource is staffed with a full contingent of knowledgeable, experienced professionals covering all aspects of digital planning and execution.

Our team includes account managers, project managers, design specialists, developers, medical writers, editors, translation services and researchers.

In addition, our on-staff pharmacists and a North-America-wide medical advisory team ensure content accuracy.