A comprehensive, industry-leading, French and English, URAC-accredited consumer knowledge base with up-to-date drug and disease libraries, lifestyle and health content visited by over 5,000,000 motivated health information seekers every month.

Most corporations do not have the resources to develop deep, relevant, up-to-date health information for their customers. That’s where we come in. We’ve done the required research and development so that you can license the appropriate knowledge base for your audiences at a fraction of the cost.

Completed in both French and English, our content outpaces anything else available in Canada. In addition, the MediResource publishing team of medical writers, health care professionals and content editors keep the information current and relevant providing health information seekers with what they need.

Our channels alone attract over 5,000,000 unique visits every month. With over 125,000 health content articles, including drug and disease libraries, lifestyle articles, natural health and lab procedure information, MediResource provides unparalleled consumer health resource directories, health tools and other content assets.

MediResource is the only URAC- Accredited Provider of Peer- Reviewed Health Content.in Canada. URAC is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes health care quality through stringent accreditation and certification programs


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