Replicate live health coaching at a fraction of the cost while improving patient outcomes. Provide proven behavior change methods with online engagement, tailored information and personalized action plans.

Digital Health Coach is an online health management tool that engages, motivates and changes patient health behavior by creating personalized action plans and tailored learning programs that impact key outcomes.

The goal of Digital Health Coach is to reduce the costs associated with managing large patient populations by helping them reach their health goals with fewer doctor and hospital visits.

Supported by URAC-accredited, peer-reviewed health content and extensive drug and disease libraries, it is delivered on an extremely sophisticated platform for health & wellness, easily integrating into any e-health infrastructure, including your website or online patient support programs.

Our HRA coupled with a Digital Health Coach action plan keeps more patients on track, >30% versus competitive product and natural flow models.


said it was interesting and engaging


gained new insight into their health behavior


were motivated to make changes to improve their health